Iranian Bauhaus 2

Elnaz Sheshgelani

Elnaz Sheshgelani

Drawing inspiration from pre-Islamic Naghali, an ancient Persian form of dramatic storytelling, Iranian Bauhaus is a highly visual and gestural style of theatre that will take you on a journey into the ambiguities of life. Iranian Bauhaus is the story of artist, Elnaz Sheshgelani, living and performing outside her spiritual home in a foreign land. Sheshgelani operates within the style of Naghali; the most ancient form of Persian dramatic storytelling known today. Distinctive in form, Naghali flows between puppetry, masked visual theatre, stylised gesture and music. It expresses archetypes of the human psyche and features elements of ritual: rhythmic gyrations, ferocious poses with various props, grotesque masks and miniature puppet plays. In Iranian Bauhaus, the artist offers a modern twist on a timeless tradition.

“Striking performance art, easy to lose yourself in.”

- Cameron Woodhead

Elnaz Sheshgelani – Founder
Rick Evertsz – Photography/Video
Simon Bowland – Production Designer

© Elnaz Sheshgelani 2022