What is Theatre Playroom?

Elnaz holding skull. Picture from Amleth.

Theatre Playroom is dedicated to creative thinking, theatre making and performance. This “little blue room”, Theatre Playroom, is more than a mere place; it is an ethos and approach to performing arts. For us, everywhere is theatre and any space can become a performative platform. Physically, this room is in Melbourne, Australia and has been active since 2014 in the development of its methodology.

Ethos and Methodology

Ancient theatre and Naghali (Persian dramatic storytelling) influence how we tell stories and create puppets, masks and costumes. Theatre Playroom is a cultural space and its participants are its treasury and capital. The rest is creativity and beyond. Please feel free to join in if you are a theatre maker or just love theatre.

Elnaz Sheshgelani's approach is to research, reimagine and reconstruct the ancient roots of “storytelling” and “performing arts” to create a unique and stylised practice.

Elnaz Sheshgelani – Founder
Rick Evertsz – Photography/Video
Simon Bowland – Production Designer

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